Termites can cause significant damage to a home before they are found. Because they tunnel inside wood, you may have termites and not realize it. Therefore, it is important to check for early signs of termites in order to catch an infestation before your property is significantly affected.

Termite Habitats

The first thing to look for is any sign of termite habitats. Termites fly short distances before shedding their wings. Look for signs of an infestation by checking your entryways and windows for small wings that are all the same size. In addition, termites create mud tubes in areas they live. Look for these tubes around your foundation or any other wood on your property, including trees or shrubs.

Wood Damage

If you’ve seen evidence that termites have made your house their home, you’ll want to check for wood damage. Because termites burrow and tunnel, most of the harm they cause is behind walls, inside beams and under floors. You may not see any visible indications on the surface, but the wood may be weakened. Since the evidence may be hidden, it is best to have a professional inspect your property to confirm whether or not you have termite damage.

If you see small wings near your windows, mud tubes near your foundation or signs of wood damage you might have a termite problem. To schedule a termite inspection, contact 49er Termite & Pest Control today.